Admission Guidelines

TOKYO IQRA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL believes in multicultural harmony and we are open to all regardless of country & cultural origin. For the academic year of 2024, we are now enrolling students in Kindergarten and from Grade-1 to Grade-9

To maintain an efficient learning environment, the number of students would be limited to maximum 20 in one classroom.

The school prioritizes in maintaining Islamic values in all spheres of the school activities and would provide the students with the opportunity of learning Islam in classes and through other optional means. For the students coming from Japanese-medium school, we will arrange ESL classes as necessary so that they become confident and comfortable in the new system & medium. Expected age level for each grade is as follows:

ClassExpected age level
Kindergarten 4-5
Grade 1 6-7
Grade 2 7-8
Grade 3 8-9
Grade 4 9-10
Grade 5 10-11
Grade 6 11-12
Grade 7 12-13
Grade 8 13-14
Grade 9 14-15


Application Procedure

Guardians are requested to maintain the following steps to admit their children.

Step 1: Consult with school staffs or go through our website to get enough information.

Step 2: Make a phone call or send a mail to the following address expressing your intention to admit your children.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Step 3: Collect the Admission-Kit. (Collect it by visiting school or contact us to collect by post)

Step 4: Carefully read and fill up the Admission-Kit with full information. Attach the following certificates and papers along with your application kit and submit it to the admission office.

  • Two copies of photograph.
  • Copy of Resident card or Foreign registration certificate.
  • Application payment receipts.

Step 5: Application will be gone under further investigations and result of eligibility will be sent to guardians by mail or post.

Step 6: Guardian will make the necessary payments

Step 7: Submit the receipts and register your student.


Fee Structure

Please visit FEE STRUCTURE page for information about the tuition fees. 


School Bus Service

Please visit FACILITIES page to know details about the bus routes and transportation fees. 


Please contact with school administration for the details.